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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Glam Bag Review

This is my third ipsy Glam Bag, ipsy is a great program for people who like to try new beauty products but don't like to commit right away. They send you five full size and sample sized beauty products and makeup once a month for you to try and review. 

This month's glam bag theme was #BeautyCandy which I didn't really understand based on the contents of my bag. I received a black mascara, lip gloss, hand creme, exfoliant, and dark nail polish. For the theme I was expecting more candy colors, maybe some eye shadow or bright lip stick. 

Each month your products come in their own make up bag , I don't know what I'm going to do with all of these bags! The ipsy glam bag of the month is this pretty textured turquoise bag, definitely my favorite so far.

The epice exfoliant was something I was really excited for this month, it has a buttery texture with a microdermabrasion quality which I love in an exfoliant. It's also manufactured in the USA, definitely a plus! It has a light scent; it's one of my favorites from this glam bag.

I just got a new gel mani so I am not about to try this new Nicole by OPI color on. Judging by the bottle I was expecting it to be a dark brown which wasn't too appealing. I tried a little on the postcard from my glam bag and am pleasantly surprised. It's much more of a purple. I was think of trading it but the color is growing on me... we'll see.

I have gotten too many mascaras from ipsy lately so I'm going to be trading this one, I'm obsessed with Perversion by Urban Decay right now. 

Also trading this lip gloss, I get one just about every month and I'm not a big gloss wearer, I would have much preferred the lip stick.

When I saw I was getting another lotion this month I immediately thought I was going to have to trade it. BUT I LOVE IT. Yum. I has a lovely light fruity scent and soft, fluffy texture. I love the packaging and it's from the UK. Just adorable. This is probably the only aspect of this month's bag that reminds me of the theme, Beauty Candy, if only for it's fun colors and scent.

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Do you have ipsy? What did you get this month? Any of the same products? Thoughts on them? Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here: http://www.ipsy.com/r/m75x?sid=ipsypoints&cid=email

Thanks for reading, follow me on instagram for more pics and sneak peeks! @sayitwithkate


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